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Support Urban Harvest's mission to cultivate thriving communities through gardening and access to healthy, local food by becoming a Sustainable Supporter, giving small gifts each month, quarter, or year that will grow our programs to make a greater, more lasting impact on Houston's food system. With your recurring gift, Urban Harvest can rely on regular support for our programming, allowing us to plan ahead for how best we can scale our programs.

Our giving program is easy on your budget, and your recurring donation of $10, $20, or $50 will help us cultivate the next generation of gardeners and community leaders who can grow their own food and improve the health of their families, communities, and the environment. Consider a recurring donation scheduled for every month, every quarter, or even every year.


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Amy, a new sustainable supporter, had wanted to give to Urban Harvest because she loved seeing kids light up when they got to taste the fresh carrots and tomatoes they had grown themselves. But she needed to find a way to give without hurting her family budget. She realized that if she could afford to give a little bit each month, it would make a big difference to the children she had seen gardening.


"I support the important work that Urban Harvest is doing to build our local food system, especially through educating youth to grow their own food. The life skills they receive through the gardening program is so empowering, and will carry with them throughout their lives.  As a monthly giver through the Sustainable Supporter program, I am able to make a larger impact than through a one-time gift, while also being able to provide Urban Harvest with a consistent, reliable donation that is manageable for my budget."